The Shield Vs the Wyatt Family

Images by WWE

Images by WWE

I think it’s safe to say that when the Wyatt Family debuts, The Shield should be worried. Matter of fact the whole roster should be worried, but The Shield in particular. Here are the two biggest reasons I came up with.

1.) Their message might be overthrown by the arrival of a faction similar to theirs and/or

2.) The Wyatt Family might be gunning for them

Either way, The Shield might have to shine some justice on the new guys. The arrival of the Wyatt Family is all the rage and I am excited as much as the next person is. I am curious to see what their message will be and who they target to get the point across. I am hoping that The Shield is in their sights simply because I would like to see the turn out.

This is a feud that could be explosive. The Shield have pretty much beat every three man super group that has been put up against them and the Wyatt Family should only want to start out by knocking down the best to prove their worth. It’s possible that the Wyatt Family could be the ones to disengage the hounds of justice. Whatever their purpose, I am excited to watch and see how the Wyatt’s present themselves and see if the hounds of justice will be able to still stand their ground.

Check out the vignette about the Wyatt Family:


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